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So Who Is Dr. Aden?

Holding a PhD in History from Indiana University - Bloomington, Dr. John Aden is a Former Fulbright Fellow to the Republic of Mali, West Africa, where he interviewed blacksmiths in a secret society for a year.

He is also a former CIC Minority Graduate Fellow, Former Asian  Studies Development Program Fellow at the East West Center at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, and a Former Beijing University Field Seminar Fellow. 


A Skilled World Traveler

and student of culture, and winner of THREE successive US Department of Education Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowships, Dr. Aden teaches at the top-ranked Canterbury School in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

He speaks Bamana, a West African language spoken by 25 million people, and he reads French. 

He's been to China, Turkey, New Zealand & the US Virgin Islands, Senegal, Cote D'Ivoire & Mali...


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